The AI takeover: Is intervention for humanity needed?

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2 min readMar 4, 2023
Best of both worlds

At this point, we are all scared of the amazing things artificial intelligence can do given the release of Chatgpt and other AI-driven platforms. We are not sure about the upcoming advancements that this could bring so we need to start embracing the capabilities that we believe are unique to us and are irreplaceable by technology.

Chatgpt, Perplexity, Tome, and recently Notion are tools breaking the internet. It's so crazy, this blog might have been generated by one of these tools but unfortunately, my charisma is not yet readily available to be adopted by artificial intelligent tools.

AI is supposedly taking jobs away from people, is this true?

Given the shocking amount of layoffs that have been happening. Some say it's generally the recession while others claim the utility of smart intelligent systems kicked them to the curb.

All in all, all hope is not lost. AI is meant to increase productivity and reduce time spent on redundant tasks. It's more of a helping hand to execute work more efficiently. Even then, adopting this technology would require one to acquire some skills they can add as an added advantage to their organization.

Here are some skills to acquire to have an upper hand over the emerging technologies

  1. Emotional Intelligence: AI lacks emotional intelligence, which is the ability to understand and manage emotions in oneself and others. Emotional intelligence involves empathy, social skills, and self-awareness. This is an effective skill used for team collaboration and developing humane products.
  2. Judgment and Decision Making: AI can analyze data and provide recommendations, but it cannot make judgments or decisions that require complex ethical considerations or situational awareness. For instance, AI could be fed data that can make it biased in some situations and affect the ethical view to pass judgment or make a sane decision.
  3. Leadership: AI can provide data-driven insights, but it cannot inspire, motivate, and lead people. Leadership requires vision, communication skills, and the ability to build relationships.
  4. Communication: AI can communicate, but it cannot replicate the complexity and nuance of human communication. Effective communication involves not only the exchange of information but also the ability to convey meaning and build relationships.
  5. Adaptability: AI is programmed to perform specific tasks and cannot adapt to new situations or environments as easily as humans. Adaptability requires flexibility, resilience, and the ability to learn and grow.

See, All hope is not lost.

Anyways, I believe there is room for humanity and smart systems in this world and before it takes full effect, we will have established parameters to regulate them. Let's keep in mind, humanity isn't limited and diversify our skills to be more impactful in the future.


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